About Nerm

My name is Nerm. I do a bunch of stuff to do with music, media, events and technology.

I started off as a resident DJ at Ministry Of Sound in Birmingham in the late 90’s, was the headline DJ with international club night Swaraj, and was the front man for an electro punk band called Charged.

I founded Shiva Soundsystem in 2000 with musicians performing in my DJ sets. This then turned into an organisation with a large warehouse HQ in Hackney that ran loads of club-nights and a record label. We’ve toured India every year since 2002 and played Glastonbury Festival since then too.

I do a bunch of presenting and DJing on the radio. I always mix the tracks on my shows live, across genres, while I talk. I enjoy the rush. I started with a one off show on BBC Radio 1 in 2004.

In 2006, my weekly alternative music show began, Electro East with Nerm on the BBC Asian Network. The aim was to provide an alternative to what was widely assumed to be “Asian” music by supporting acts with origins from the Indian Sub-continent and placing them shoulder to shoulder with the best of their genre; Drum & Bass, House, Electronica, Punk – whatever. Getting acts like Noisia and Bass Nectar to remix commercial Bollywood tracks exclusively for the show was a lot of fun, as was interviewing Tricky and being the only guy to play The Specials and Marilyn Manson on the station. I also branched out from the underground and stood in on the flagship music show “Friction” for a few months and the daytime debate show for the station.

In 2007 I began a run on BBC Radio 1 with Shiva Soundsystem cohort, D-Code. The aim of the show was to breakdown the barriers between genres and help make underground dance music more accessible. We did this quite successfully; for example, by having guests like the Arctic Monkey’s DJ against Drum & Bass act London Elektricity.
As well as our show we stood in for Mary Anne Hobbs, co-hosted with Annie Mac and Zane Lowe and hosted on BBC 1Xtra.

I hosted, wrote and co-produced some more serious radio documentaries, of which “Me and My Swastika” was very well received. You can listen and download here. It was featured on the front page of the BBC News site and I appeared on the One Show on BBC TV discussing the issues it raised.

Since 2011 I have popped up on BBC 6Music, mixing even more diametrically opposed forms of music together, mainly on the 6Mix alongside fellow residents Groove Armada, Erol Alkan, Andrew Weatherall, Tiga, Ben Watt and guests DJ Shadow and Thom Yorke.

I’ve done a bit of TV work over the years too, presenting for MTV, across BBC television and, randomly, appearing on daytime chat show “Richard and Judy”. I’ve hosted a ton of stuff including, even more randomly, The Big Dance at Trafalgar Square and worked with BBC Blast to present and hold workshops teaching kids how to DJ. I’ve been a guest lecturer at various colleges and courses about music, radio and events.

I love playing with audio and have soundtracked cinematically released feature films, TV shows, catwalks, art and photography exhibitions. I’ve done remixes and tracks for Shiva Soundsystem Recordings and other labels. They usually chart better and are more danceable when I work with D-Code.

I’ve written a few things too. I’ve had columns in international publications about alternative music and culture, have blogged for the BBC, had pieces in Time Out, The Independent and Rolling Stone.

I continue to throw off-the-wall events. They started with Shiva Soundsystem in East London back in 2000 with guests such as Aphex Twin (under his AFX guise) and Aziz (Ian Brown’s guitarist and co-writer) alongside our friends from the dance music world.

I’ve worked on projects with the Arts Council, hosted and help curate events at South Bank, programme and help run large commercial festivals and tours. I keep my artistic side sated by doing ambitious events that cross mediums and blur genres, while supporting new artists I love. They’ve done quite well.

I have a soft spot for India having stubbornly pushed and supported alternative and electronic music there since 2002. It’s evolved to a level where my partners and I are involved in taking formerly underground and now major international artists across the country. On the flip-side, there’s some incredible, unsung, local talent out there that is world-class. We’re happy to help them in any way we can.

I consult for various organisations both commercial and social. I’m deeply into technology and it’s evolution into a powerful communication tool. I’ve been a bit of a nerd since I was a kid.

Come and say hello on the contact page

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